From Colombia Reports

Colombian authorities captured a man, Wednesday, suspected of participating in last week’s bombing in Bogota.

Local media said police captured Andres Felipe Rios on suspicion of having taken part in a bombing last Tuesday, targeting conservative ex-minister Fernando Londoño. Police also found bomb materials and propaganda belonging to the FARC – Colombia’s largest guerrilla group – in Rios’ home, said reports.

Rios maintained his innocence. In a report by Colombian newspaper El Espectador, Rios said he had once been part of FARC’s 26th Front, but had retired because of his bad eyesight.  The comment comes amid accusations that Rios is an active member of the FARC.

In the same report, the suspect’s lawyer said authorities had yet to bring charges against Rios that directly implicated him in last Tuesday’s bombing. “Yes they found explosive material and documents alluding to the FARC, however this has nothing to do with the assassination attempt on the ex-minister.” said the lawyer.

Londoño survived the bombing but was seriously injured. He has been quick to accuse the FARC of carrying out the attack. He has also attacked Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos over security issues and the Legal Framework for Peace legislation.

The bill would give legal benefits to demobilized guerrillas and paramilitaries. Critics has said the legislation gives impunity to human rights violators.