Oscar Ivan Zuluaga (Photo: La Patria)

Colombian presidential candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga was attacked with eggs during a campaign rally in the western city of Cali on Wednesday.

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Zuluaga was speaking in San Fransisco Square in Colombia’s third largest city when a 20-year-old man threw eggs at the hard-line politician.

When Zuluaga supporters spotted the attacker he was close to getting lynched by the crowd. Police managed to escort him out of the crowdZuluaga was evacuated by bodyguards. 

The young attacker had at first failed to attack the presidential candidate with a bright unidentified object but succeeded to hit Zuluaga when he repeatedly threw eggs at the candidate.

The stop in  Cali was the last of Zuluaga’s campaign tour. The second round of the presidential election will take place on June 15.


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