Leading illustrators from around the world on Thursday gathered in Bogota for the Fig.03 International Illustrators Conference.

The three day festival is Colombia’s chance to get to know the people responsible for those disturbing, enlightening and poetic images that fill up our everyday lives from books, magazines, posters, walls, clothes, and computer screens.

Running from April 18 to April 20, the convention brings together leading representatives in the field, both to celebrate the art of illustration and to analyze the new challenges and developments facing the profession today.

Exhibitions, talks, conferences and workshops will be staged across Bogota in various cultural locations, featuring renowned guests from Japan, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, the United States and, of course, Colombia. The convention promises to showcase the best there is to see in today’s global illustration scene.

Among the visiting artists will be award winning Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimuzu, who will hold a conference with the purpose of sharing her ten years of experience at the top of the illustrating world. In addition, Shimuzu will also direct a six hour workshop that will be open to all doodlers, designers and would-be illustrators.

A gallery displaying some of the invited artists’ illustrations can be viewed here.

The basic entrance fee is $46, with pricier tickets including bonuses such as illustration workshops, running as high as $235. However, free events and exhibitions will take place throughout various locations in and around the city. The event program and a full list of entrance prices can be found here.

In addition, the illustration convention appropriately coincides with the Bogota International Book Fair, which began April 18 and ends on May 1.

Source: Colombia Reports

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