Parliamentary representatives of more than 40 nations of the world sent a letter to the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Arned Forces of Colombia-Peoples Army (FARC-EP) expressing their total support and commitment with ongoing peace talks.

446559597_640At the 35th annual meeting of Parliamentarians for Global Action, participants signed an 11-point document Tuesday saying that peace in Colombia is a matter of international relevance. The parliamentary representatives said that the oldest conflict in the Western Hemisphere has caused the deaths of thousands of people and seriously interferes with the development of Colombia and the region in general.

The letter was delivered to the ambassadors of Cuba and Norway, guarantors of the peace process.

In the letter, the parliamentary representatives expressed their desire for talks with the National Liberation Army (ELN), another rebel organization in Colombia, to start soon.

The signatories of the document congratulated both sides for their “concrete and firm efforts to search for mutual measures leading to a peace agreement.

The text, posted on the website of the Colombian Senate, advocates for the inclusion of women and vulnerable groups in the peace talks.

“If you consider it useful, and as a reference, we offer to provide you with information on how similar conflicts in other parts of the world, have been discussed and analyzed,” said the text.

The legislators also committed themselves to making known the progress of peace talks in Colombia, and expressed their disposition, if necessary, to create and appoint a delegation to visit the talks and transmit experiences.