A  Colombian woman has taken the place of her sick husband who had been kidnapped 117 days ago by guerrillas in west Colombia, the husband told Colombian radio on Sunday.

The woman, Nohora Isabel Precigas, was exchanged for her husband, Manual Montes, on Thursday due to serious health problems, the man told Caracol Radio.

Montes said he had been kidnapped by an undisclosed guerrilla group on August 18, while traveling in a speedboat along the Atrato river, near Quidbo, the capital of the Choco state.

During the exchange Montes was not able to see his wife, he told the radio station.

He pleaded to President Juan Manuel Santos, to “do the business of peace and bring the peace we all need”

The couple’s four year-old son does not know the fate of his mother, Montes told Caracol Radio.

“I love her with all my heart and I am doing everything possible,” he said.

Quibdo, Choco


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