Colombia’s Armed Forces have taken down the alleged perpetrators of a January 16th bombing in western Colombia, which left one dead and 61 injured.

In a statement released Monday, Colombia’s military forces announced that a pair of operations Saturday in the states of Antioquia and Valle del Cauca led to the death of two and injury of three members of the FARC, Colombia’s oldest rebel group.

The five guerrillas are reportedly the intellectual authors of the motorcycle bomb that was detonated in the main square of the western Colombian city of Pradera earlier this month.

MORE1 killed, more than 30 injured in alleged FARC bombing in western Colombia

It was the first attack by the FARC following the end of a unilateral ceasefire implemented between December 15, 2013 and January 15 of this year. The bombing went off shortly after the recommencement of ongoing peace talks between the rebel group and the Colombian government, being held in Havana, Cuba.

In what has been received as a historical event, the Secretary of the FARC joined Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in condemning the attack, after the rebel group claimed responsibility for the fatal bombing, but said that its orchestrators had acted independently of the central leadership.

MORESantos: Pradera bombing a ‘vile act of terrorism’

The two alleged FARC members injured in the military raids are receiving medical care and attention from the Armed Forces personnel, according to the government’s press release.

The offensive against the rebels was reportedly carried out by the Mobile Brigade 28, of the Tarea Apolo Force.


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