COLOMBIA NEWS – Celebrations after Colombia’s 4-1 win over Japan at the World Cup on June 24 showed an 80% decrease in reported fights, said Aurelio Iragorri Valencia, Colombia’s Interior Minister.

Soccer-related violence has declined in the South American country since its national team won their first match against Greece on June 14, according to the minister.

Colombia’s opening day at the tournament, where Colombia defeated Greece 3-0, ended with 13,728 fights and 10 dead throughout the country. On the last match, 2,828 incidents and no fatalities were reported.

“This is a success for all Colombians, local authorities, the security forces,” Valencia said in a prepared statement.

“We hope in the next game Saturday against Uruguay … we can celebrate goals together, calm, at peace, and happy,” he added.

Sources: El Espectador ; Interior Ministry (Colombia)