Marking his fourth visit to the region since taking office, Vice President Biden left D.C. on Sunday for a trip to Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Brazil. Following President Obama’s recent visit to Mexico and Costa Rica, the trip is the latest demonstration of the United States’ commitment to reinforcing partnerships in the Americas.

The Vice President began his trip in Bogota, where he held a bilateral meeting with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, and highlighted the country’s remarkable progress on security issues as well as the importance of our economic relationship.

Since our free trade agreement went into effect a little over one year ago, “United States exports to Colombia are up 20 percent,” the Vice President said.

“Today President Santos and I talked about how we can continue our work together, advance environmental and labor standards, support small and women-owned businesses, ensure that the dynamism of the Colombian economy touches every region of the country and every family in the country, he said. “And the free-trade agreement is just the beginning.”

That afternoon, Vice President Biden visited a flower farm that exports more than half its products to the United States. Watch the video above to learn more, and check back at for updates from the Vice President’s stops in Trinidad and Tobago and Brazil.