Investment firm The Founder Institute will seek to create hundreds of jobs by 2015 in Colombia’s capital Bogota through its entrepreneur apprenticeship program, the Silicon Valley-born investor stated.

Focusing on training people to start up their own technology companies, the firm will also implement the Female Founder Fellowship (FFF) in Bogota, a program started in 2011 that will be running concurrently in other cities around the world—such as Lima, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur—to boost female entrepreneurship in star-up companies.

Since the FFF was launched, the overall number of female-founded Founders Institute companies has increased from 16% to 28% worldwide, according to a Founder Institute. The fellowship will allow the top female applicants to participate in the Institute’s program for free.

Citing a study conducted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in 2010, the Founder Institute states that startups are responsible for all net job creation in the US, something that it is looking to promote in countries such as Colombia along with greater female participation in such ventures.

Founder and CEO Adeo Ressi said new and experienced entrepreneurs make up the Institute’s part-time structured program, explaining it as “a grassroots model of local economic development that is sustainable,” he said.

Since the Institute was founded four years ago, it has launched over 800 new technology companies worldwide.


  • Founder Institute Aims to Create Hundreds of New Jobs in Bogota by Launching New Tech Companies (Founder Institute Press Release)

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