Once again and without any prior warning, Venezuelan authorities have shut down Venezuela-Colombia border.

Unofficial sources explained that the order was issued by Mayor General Noel Bermúdez Pirela, the chief of the Comprehensive Strategic Defense Region (REDI), in the Andean region.

The bridges Simón Bolívar, in San Antonio del Táchira, southwest Venezuela, and Francisco de Paula Santander, in Pedro María Ureña, east Colombia, were closed, thus preventing the free transit of vehicles and people.

The action was taken in light of the upcoming local election to be held in Venezuela on December 8.

Traditionally, the border would close 28-48 hours prior to the vote. However, in the latest elections, access has been restrained even five days ahead, thus causing discomfort among those who need to go from one country to the other.

Source: El Universal

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