Alvaro Uribe is set to release No Lost Causes, a memoir in which Colombia’s ex-president gives his version of how he changed the country during his 2002-2010 presidency.

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No Lost Causes

According to publisher Penguin, the book “reveals how President Uribe severely weakened the neo-terrorist group, the FARC, which held Colombia captive and caused the brutal murder of his father.

It relates the gripping account of how President Uribe staged the daring (and bloodless) jungle rescue of Ingrid Betancourt in 2008, and eventually restored the rule of law across the country.”

Additionally, No Lost Causes “explores practical lessons of hands-on management—relevant to both political and business leaders—and provides a thrilling behind-the-scenes look at newsmaking U.S. foreign affairs and never before discussed details and dealings with various world leaders.”

“Unlike any other presidential memoir, No Lost Causes is not only a compelling story of leadership, but an epic, heart-racing account of how bravery and hope gave a failing nation a brighter future,” said Penguin.

Following the release of the book on October 2, Uribe will discuss and the book and personally sign the book at the National Press Club in Washington on October 10.

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