The political movement of Colombia’s former president Alvaro Uribe on Monday presented a logo with the ex-president’s face and name, reportedly ignoring guidelines by the electoral authority.

The newly created party officially registered its name “Uribe Centro Democratico” and its logo for the upcoming elections in 2014 during the process of handing in the necessary list of signatures to the National Election Council on Monday.

The logo bears a typographic image of Uribe’s face in black and white additional to his name written in capital letters as part of the party’s name.

This campaign actually goes against two guidelines set by the National Election Council before, which said that registered logos should not contain any person’s photos or names as this would give them an advantage over other parties.

Referring to this contradiction the leader of the party’s champagne insisted that “all parties and movements have a logo and that’s where former president Uribe’s image will be going. It can be a photo or a designed image.”

According to weekly Semana, the party’s campaign could be justified by the argument that it is “just” a logo, instead of a photo, and thus avoids disregarding the council’s guidelines.

The weekly went on that the aim of this move could be to make Uribe’s face appear on the ballot paper, as part of a greater strategy of staging Uribe as the party’s icon.


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