Andres Paris (L) and Jesus Santrich (Photo: FARC-EP)

Colombia’s main rebel group, the FARC, on Tuesday called new 2014 presidential candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga an enemy of ongoing peace talks with the government.

Zuluaga, only selected as the Uribe Centro Democratico Party candidate over the weekend, had already made comments this week calling for a halt to the peace process with the FARC and labeling the talks “illegal.”

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FARC representative Andres Paris said Zuluaga represents a “clear threat” to the current peace process and called him a “puppet to the service of war.”

“The candidate of the Centro Democratico is flying the black flag of war against the peace process,” Paris said.

The FARC said Colombia had changed and matured since the two-term rule of former President Alvaro Uribe.

Colombia will hold its presidential elections in May 2014.


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