Colombia’s minister of defense on Wednesday announced the death of alias “El Negro Sarley,” the alleged second in command of notorious criminal group, “Los Urabeños.”

“[Los Urabeños] are perhaps the last group of its size and nature in the country and this year we have taken on the challenge to weaken its existence once and for all. With the death of alias El Negro Sarley we are beginning to achieve this objective,” said Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon.

Francisco José Morela Peñate, alias El Negro Sarley, was reportedly killed after a military operation in the rural municipality of Turbo in Antioquia department; the alleged leader’s bodyguard was also captured.

“Police intelligence has been following this man’s movements for some time,” said Pinzon. “Everyday he moved from one place to another until police forces were able to locate him in the early hours of this morning; there, combat broke out and [El Negro Sarley] was neutralized.”

According to Pinzon, El Negro Sarley “participated in many massacres, multiple homicides and was possibly one of the largest exporters of cocaine from the country.”

The minister indicated that the rebel group have sustained a number of blows last year and pointed out that two other Urabeños leaders, alias “Leo” and alias “Giovanny,” were killed in 2012.

Source: Colombia Reports