694d646f6e61481eb55de229cb3c132fFollowing the merger between Millicom and UNE, both brands will remain in the Colombian market for at leat two years. This was confirmed by Marc Eichmann, president of UNE.

Eichmann noted that the merger does not involve staff cuts in either company.

The companies are very close to signing agreements to present to the Superintendencias Financiera, de Industria y Comercio, y de Sociedades, with approval coming in six months.

In the next two years, both brands will continue to be offered with a decision on the better performer coming in two years. “Today the brands are very strong…but definitely after that time there will be brand unification”, says Eichmann.

With respect to the telecommunications industry, Eichmann noted that many issues of the sector have become regulatory. Today, it is no longer enough to provide good solutions, prices and customer service, the industry has to satisfy regulations.

The expectations are that with a third strong player in the market, the merger of UNE and Tigo competing with Movistar and Claro, users will have better service, better rates and access to innovative products.
Source: Portafolio.co