Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon congratulated Colombia Thursday, acknowledging the compromises reached by the two parties over a political participation deal for rebel group FARC.

“The Secretary General celebrates the announcement on political participation, the second point of the negotiation agenda, they are celebrating in Havana,” said the Ki-Moon’s office in a press release.

He went on to wish that a solid peace would be reached based on democratic principals with “respect for human rights.”

Ki-Moon wished “success” to both negotiating teams until they settle agreements on the remaining four out of six agenda items.

UN Representative in Colombia Fabrizio Hochschild also expressed his congratulations on Wednesday.

The deal between the government and the FARC meant that there will be a nonviolent political movement headed by the rebels, which will be further defined later, with guarantees of security and transparency.

The FARC will also have access to media.

This agreement is the second agenda item reached between government and rebel negotiators since peace talks began in November of last year. The next item will set the guidelines for a cease fire.


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