Juan Manuel Santos and Nick Clegg

The British Deputy Primer Minister, Nick Clegg, has said that his government “admires” what Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is doing to achieve peace in the long-running civil conflict in the country, according to the Presidential office on Monday.

Mr Clegg’s visit to the Colombian capital, Bogota, included a private meeting where the two politicians discussed education, science and technology, and possible training for Colombians in these fields.

“The British Government admires what you do, Mr. President,” the Mr Clegg said in a statement delivered at the Presidential Palace, adding that the current peace process is important not only for Colombia, but the for region and the world.

“This is a very important stage for the country, for the region, for the world and we hope that the negotiations will conclude in the coming months,” Mr Clegg said.

President Santos thanked the British government for their continued support during the peace process and their offer to give Colombia post-conflict support—adding that the relationship between the two countries had never been better.

“Today we can say without doubt that relations between our two countries are at their best in history,” said President Santos.

The relationship, which in the past has been stressed by drug and human rights issues, has fundamentally changed, according to President Santos.

“It has changed dramatically. Now they are issues that have to do with education, science and technology. We have discussed how to strengthen cooperation in the area of ​​preparation of technicians and technologists where England and Britain are particularly strong,” President Santos said.

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After the meeting, President Santos also divulged that that Colombian airline company Avianca had made the decision to begin flying from Bogota to London in July, which he said would also help the exchange between the two countries in all aspects.


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