1867160_n_vir1Colombia’s national police say there are ready for the return back to the cities of vacationers of Semana Santa.

Many Colombians escape the urban jungle to the country’s beaches, mountains and resorts. Starting today (Saturday), Carlos Ramiro Mena, director de la policía de Tránsito y Transporte, said that depending on traffic flow, measures like reversible lanes will be used.

Director Mena said on Driday that all roads report normal holiday traffic flow and with no major incidents.

For his part, Colombian president Santos revealed that there has been a drop of 62% over last year in the number of accidents on the country’s roads.

“Transit operatios say there is a 62% decrease in reduction of accidents and Semana Santa operations are normal”, said Santos.

According to the police report Traffic, weather and the good condition of the national road network are conducive for vacationing.

The beaches of Santa Marta, for example, is a prime destination for residents of Bogota and Medellin, Colombia’s two largest cities with a combined population of more than 15 million.