Ivan Marquez (L) and Timochenko

Criminal courts in northern Colombia have condemned a number of high ranking FARC officials for the 2001 murder of a politician. 

Among those condemned by the Valledupar court were commander-in-chief “Timochenko” and “Ivan Marquez,” who is currently chief negotiator at the ongoing peace talks between the rebels and the Colombian government in Havana Cuba.

The ruling was read in absence of the convicted guerrilla leaders;  Authorities think Timochenko is in Venezuela and Marquez had his arrest warrant temporarily revoked in order to take part in peace talks with the government in Cuba.

It is not the first time that Marquez or other members of the FARC’s peace delegation have been convicted.

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Jorge Restrepo, director of the Resource Center for Conflict Analysis argues that it should have no bearing on the ongoing negotiations as the continuation of judicial decisions were “rules of the game” agreed by both sides, reported Associated Press.




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