BOGOTA, Colombia – The Colombian capital of Bogota was overrun by zombies on Saturday (October 27) as thousands of ghouls and other creatures of the living dead took part in the city’s Zombie Walk.

Stropping traffic and closing roads, an estimated 2000 participants pulled out all the stops with scary make-up, gushing blood and ghoulish props as they marched towards the center of capital.

Not all blood and guts, the walking dead also used the event to speak out against violence in Colombia.
With a string of successful television shows and movies about the walking dead, zombies have never been more popular.

Organized through Facebook, participants showed off their love for all things zombie.

The zombie walk phenomenon started in 2001 in Sacramento, California and since then major cities around the world such as New York, Buenos Aires or Sydney have seen their own versions of the undead gathering.

According to Guinness, the world record for the most zombies gathered in one place is currently held by New Jersey, with a little over 4,000.