Police take down drug ring that operated in several Colombian cities. In the operation 16 were arrested, including the brothers Fabio and William Obando González, leaders of the criminal organization ‘the Culimochos’.

In the earlu 90’s “The Culimochos” were native fishing families in the municipalities of El Charco and Iscaundé, Nariño. With the advent of drug trafficking in the region, the Tolosa, Carabalí, Reina, Salcedo, Portocarrero, Narváez and Obando families began using their boats to transport drugs.

Hand in hand, first, with Joaquin Rayo Montaño (arrested in Brazil in 2006 and whose relationship with footballer Freddy Rincon led the latter to face legal trouble in Panama) and then Wilber Alirio Varela, alias Jabón (Soap) they became a clan considered one of the biggest drug carriers in the Pacific.

Last week Dijin Police conducted an operation that netted 16 suspected members of the organization, including brothers Fabio and William Obando González, who, according to authorities, had become the leaders of the clan. In the operation 16 people were arrested in Bogota, Cali, Popayan, Jamundi, Buenaventura and Buga.

The investigation began two years ago, long after Fabio Obando’s release from prison after serving a sentence for drug trafficking. Fabi0, brother-in-law of  Wenceslado Caicedo Mosquera, was singled out to be the Buenaventura kingpin.

The fall of ‘the Culimochos’
Between 2003 and 2004, these families moved from Nariño to Buenaventura, where they consolidated their empire. They worked together with Wenceslas Caicedo and transported the drugs to Wilber Varela Drug Cartel of Norte del Valle. They even sent their own shipments from time to time, every time becoming more powerful, as they ran the Pacific routes with speed boats and semi-submersibles, according to authorities.

When Wenceslado Caicedo was arrested in 2005, ‘the Culimochos” began their separate crime organizations, but authorities began to have them in their sights. A police report revealed that they began to transport drugs starting with the ‘Comba’- Javier Antonio and Luis Enrique Calle Serna, lords of the Norte del Valle Cartel and heads of ‘the Rastrojos’.

In 2008, authorities accused them of allegedly using a semisubmersible with 5.8 tons of cocaine, that was seized in Oaxaca, Mexico, which had come from the Cabo Manglares, located at the mouth of the Mira river in the Colombian Pacific. Operations against this clan led to the arrest of several members of the  Estupiñán and Narváez families.

Various confrontations with authorities led to more arrests and family members killed, in the many chapters in their drug war, that led to the Obando brothers to take control of the group.  “Coming out of jail Fabio regrouped several of his men and resumed the old routes of his brother-in-law Wenceslado Caicedo”, revealed one of the police reports.

To remove the drug from the country “they first allied with the criminal gang Los Rastrojos, while allegedly paying a percentage to the “Urabeños” to handle all the shipments in the department of Chocó, in the municipalities of Nuquí and Coqui”, notes a police report.

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