Taxi drivers blocked streets in Bogota on Sunday to protest a recent spur in violence targeting drivers, local media reported. 

In the past two weeks, five taxi drivers have been killed in Colombia’s capital city. The most recent murder occurred on January 12, when a driver was shot in the head during a robbery.

Drivers took to the streets Sunday night and blockades lasted into the early hours of Monday, but roads were back to normal this morning after representatives agreed to meet with authorities at the Metropolitan Police Station to discuss how to strengthen security for drivers in Bogota.

The city recently imposed a penalty of about $415 for drivers who refuse to take fares to insecure areas of the city.

Drivers are now requesting the penalty be reversed, allowing them the right to refuse to operate in neighborhoods where they don’t feel safe.

Taxi services are reportedly back to full service Monday and the drivers are expecting an agreement to be reached in a timely matter.


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