dialogo-paz-colombiaTODAY COLOMBIA (Prensa Latina) Peace delegations of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People”s Army (FARC-EP) and the government of Juan Manuel Santos will resume talks here today, to find a political solution to the armed conflict in that country.
Representatives from both negotiating teams met on Sunday, Jan. 17, with Cuban President, Raul Castro, to whom they expressed gratitude for the valuable support of the Caribbean island to the process, as a host and guarantor of the talks.

During the meeting, the two sides’ interest of moving forwards to reach a definitive agreement as soon as possible, and achieve a stable and lasting peace in Colombia after more than 50 years of confrontation, was verified.

After a break yesterday, the delegations led by Humberto de la Calle (government) and Ivan Marquez (FARC-EP) will resume today the analysis of the item End of the Conflict, started this year after reaching consensus on the issue of Victims, in December 2015.

To seal the success of these talks, they should settle the 42 existing exceptions, and approach positions on mechanisms for the Implementation, verification and countersignature of the final agreement.

Since the establishment of the talks in Havana in November 2012, those teams achieved partial agreements at the items of comprehensive agricultural development, political participation of the FARC-EP, and fighting illegal drugs and drug trafficking.