The head of the Colombian government delegation to the peace dialogue with the guerrilla FARC, Humberto de la Calle, denied that a suspension of talks had been approved due to forthcoming 2014 elections in the South American nation.

The hypothesis of a suspension has not been officially presented. Neither the government, in the person of President Juan Manjel Santos, has given instructions to his delegation to deal an hypothetical suspension, said the head of the government side in the talks.

De la Calle explained that the government stand has been and continues being that discussions should use an expeditious way to reach agreements that satisfy the expectation of society, not the government’s, to obtain results rapidly.

The clarification occurs after the rumour spread a few days ago that Santos had proposed making a pause so the election campaign or the dialogue were affected between themselves.

On the other hand, the chief negotiator of the Government applauded the approval with 105 votes in favor in the Chamber of Representatives of the draft Hill to apply a referendum supporting an eventual agreement reached in Cuba, where the peace talks take place.

The initiative still to be sanctioned by the Senate, will be submitted to the control of constitutionality and be approved by President Santos, but it is opposed by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-guerrilla) because it considers it unilateral and not fruit of a consensus in the negotiating table.

The issues being discussed are the integral rural development, political participation, end of the conflict, solution to the illegal drugs issue, victims and truth, as well as signature of an eventual peace agreement.

Last May 25, after six months of intense negotiations, it was formally announced the first accord with the definition of an integral rural development policy.

Peace talks between the guerrilla and the government of Colombia started on November 19 last year.