(Photo: Colombian military)

A semi submersible vehicle carrying more than 2 tons of cocaine was found 50 miles away from the shores of Western Colombia’s state of Nariño, Colombia’s media reported Tuesday.

Colombian and US authorities have worked together in the operation and found a semi-submersible vehicle in international waters.

According to Pablo Guevara, commander of the navy anti-trafficking task force said three people were hidden in the vehicle. There was also 2.3 tons of cocaine seized, El Universal newspaper reported.

“These three individuals were captured by the U.S. government and are available to the United States where they will be charged with drug trafficking,” said Guevara, according to El Universal.

The Colombian commander stated that is was strange to find people in the submarine as they usually find away to let the drugs go and pretend to be shipwrecked men, the paper reported.

Despite of this being the first submarine loaded with cocaine captured so far this year, it is not the first capture of cocaine from the Colombia’s Pacific coast.

Narcotics police confiscated $13 million worth of cocaine in Colombia’s largest Pacific port of Buenaventura at the end of March.

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