In the wake of signing a Social Agreement for Catatumbo, the farmers on strike in that Colombian region for 53 days now announced today that they will clear the roads tomorrow and return home. “We will clear the access roads and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia will be monitoring, said farm leader Olga Quintero from Tibu, where the farmers and the Government commission opened a path to resume negotiations.

In the presence of the governmental delegation, led by vice President Angelino Garzon, Quintero said that on Saturday the protesters will return to their municipalities and the Government vowed to give them guarantees in their returning home.

Today, President Juan Manuel Santos, who had always made the negotiations conditional on the demonstrators’ clearing of the roads, said that they are willing to negotiate all issues without exception.

“We want to generate a pilot plan in Catatumbo to see how the future of peace in that violence-hit area would be,” said Santos.