By Robert Schrader, Huffington Post

I’m sadly in the home stretch of my Colombia trip. Having explored a salt-mine-turned-cathedral near Bogotá, as well as Tayrona National Park and the city of Cartagena along Colombia’s Caribbean Coast, I’m now in the Eje Cafetero, Colombia’s coffee-producing region.

The so-called “coffee triangle” is higher in elevation and cooler in climate than must of the rest of Colombia. Its residents exude a laid back gusto for life that contradicts how amped-up they should all be, what with the copious amounts of amazing coffee and all.

Pour yourself a cup of joe (Colombian, if possible) and come with me on a virtual journey through this caffeinated region.

The charming town of Salento is the de-facto epicenter of Colombia’s Eje Cafetero. Salento sits in close proximity to both of the main tourist draws in this region: The Valle del Cocora and the fincas where coffee is harvested and processed. Stay at Casona de Lili, a small guest house located along Salento’s main street, for an authentic local experience.