Television sensation and Colombian superstar Sofia Veraga insisted Thursday she has no intention of becoming a “serious” actress like her Spanish colleague Penelope Cruz.

The world’s highest paid television actress and star of the hit TV series Modern Family said in an interview with HoyCinema that she is planning to stick to comedies rather than take on more serious roles.

“I never thought of becoming an actress like Penelope Cruz, who has been acting all her life. She has gone to acting school, and she is a serious actress. I prefer doing comedy. I have always been naturally inclined to it,” said Veraga

Veraga, who never attended acting school, enjoyed a remarkable rise to stardom and is currently in the midst of filming the final series of Modern Family.

She did however hint at a return to Latin America where she remains hugely popular.

“I have to be on the set Monday through Friday, from five in the morning. But I have an agent in Latin America and do not want to lose those fans, because I have been working for them for 20 years,” added the 40-year old.

From Colombia Reports

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