According to the NGO Pais Libre, 85% of kidnappings in Colombia are committed by common criminals. They follow the ELN and the FARC, each with 7%.

( – In Colombia six people are kidnapped every week. The stark statistics is included in a recent report this week brought to light by the Fundación País Libre (Free Country Foundation).

The report by Clara Rojas, president of the foundation and former candidate for Colombia’s vice-president, was also one of the tens of thousands of victims of kidnappings in the country, gave the details of her report on RCN Radio on Tuesday.

Rojas remained in the captivity of the FARC between Febrary 2002 and January 2008.

In her report she says that in 2012 there were a total 305 people being held, 263 of which were by criminal gangs (BACRIM) and common criminals.

The guerilla groups, ELN and FARC, meanwhile, appear to be responsible for 22 and 20 cases, respectively. In February last year, the FARC had said they would put and end to kidnappings.

The report was released to government delegates and guerilla leaders involved in the peace negotiations that are currently ongoing in Havana, Cuba.

Rojas, in her report, also touched on another sensitive and disturbing issue.

She said, “there is a worrying statistic: in the last ten years about 3.000 people have completely vanished, people g which we have no news or no following’.

So far the administration of Juan Manuel Santos has not commented on the kidnapping figures released by the NGO.

Source: Fundacion Pais Libre

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