Buenaventura, Colombia (Photo: Wikipedia)

Colombia’s troubled western port city, Buenaventura, has been fighting violence, human rights issues, discrimination, and more for years now.  The Commission for Safety and Law for Victims has stepped in to address the situation.

The Commission for Safety and Law for Victims organized a call Tuesday between the national government and the government of Buenaventura’s surrounding state, Valle de Cauca to discuss the “serious humanitarian crisis” occurring in the port city, according to news outlet El Pais.

“The situation in the Pacific, especially in the Buenaventura port, is very serious.  There is exclusion of the Afro-Colombian population, an increase of looting illegal mines, an increase of the presence of illegal armed groups, and a lack of protection for Afro-Colombian landowners,” said President of the commission, Senator Luis Avellaneda.

The Buenaventura delegate from the Ombusdman’s office, Juan Manuel Osorio, claimed that much of the problems stem from the illegal armed groups such as Colombia’s largest rebel group, the FARC, and paramilitary groups, “Los Rastrojos” and “Los Urabeños.”

“The humanitarian tragedy has been exacerbated due to the increase of assassinations, forced disappearances, and massive displacements, all which cause violence,” said Osorio.

Colombia’s National Reparations Unit insisted that they will be working on joint projects with the Mayor’s office of Buenaventura to help the populations that are in most dire need of service.


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