Juan Manuel Santos (Photo: President's Office)

President Juan Manuel Santos, using his Twitter account Monday, highlighted a decrease in Colombia’s crime rates in 2013. 

Santos pointed out a decline in terrorist activity, homicides and kidnappings, particularly highlighting the “24% reduction in terrorist activity.”

According to the President’s Office, the homicide rate has decreased by 8% from 16,033 cases in 2012 to 14,782 cases in 2013. Similarly, the kidnapping rate declined 4% in 2013, with no reported cases in 981 municipalities.

Additionally, he pointed out the large amounts of illicit drugs seized in 2013. “347 tons of marijuana were seized. Since 1993, a similar amount has not been seized,”  and “70.6 tons of cocaine were seized,” he tweeted.

Also addressed was the neutralization of five main FARC leaders and the number of guerrillas and members involved in criminal gangs captured throughout the year.  “Captured 2,757 members of BACRIM, 1,658 Los Urabeños, 913 from Los Rastrojos and 104 of ERPAC dissent,” he said.

He accredited structural operations on the neutralization of the FARC leaders “structural impact operations allowed the neutralization of 5 main leaders of the FARC fronts,” he tweeted.

Santos reinforced new laws three weeks ago reinforcing the illicit act of driving under the influence by increasing the fines and enacting stricter penalties. A total of 208,435 breath tests were given, whereas 1,750 of the tests were positive, a decrease of 49.8%, according to the President’s Office.


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