COLOMBIA ENTERTAINMENT NEWS – Shakira doesn’t dream of flower-lined aisles, flowing white dresses that trail behind the bride or even of a dashing groom waiting at the altar.

In fact, the Colombian singer recently told Glam Belleza Latina she doesn’t feel the need to get married at all.

In her interview with the magazine’s summer issue, Shak says she’s enjoying the life she’s built alongside her 1-year-old son Milan and boyfriend Gerard Piqué — so much so, that she has no plans to bring marriage into the picture.

o-SHAKIRA-570We already have what’s essential, you know? We have a union, a love for each other, and a baby,” Shakira told Glam. “I think that those aspects of our relationship are already established, and marriage is not going to change them. But if I’m ever going to get married, he’s the one.”

In March, the star gave Latina magazine a similar response when asked if there were wedding bells in her future.

“I just don’t find marriage a necessary step in a couple’s life,” the singer said.

Shak, 37, began her musical career as a child in the coastal city of Barranquilla, Colombia. Decades later she’s moved from powerful rock anthems to country ballads, delving into a diversity of genres in every record. Her influences, however, are just as varied.

“Joe Arroyo, Carlos Vives, Oscar D’León, and Gustavo Cerati — those are the sounds of my childhood,” the star told GBL. “They carry such memories of amazing times, of dancing, of that distinctly Caribbean sound. And rock bands like Soda Stereo paved the way for artists like me who didn’t quite fit the mold of what most Latin stars were doing at the time.”

With ten studio albums, several Grammys to her name and her participation as a coach on NBC’s hit series “The Voice,” Shakira has made a name for herself on the international stage. But it’s her work in Colombia building schools and giving children access to education through her Pies Descalzos Foundation that fills the star with pride.

“I will be happy if my music leaves a cultural legacy, but I will be truly satisfied if my work with children and education touches lives and helps change the way society views early education,” Shak said.

In February, the singer brought her son Milan to Cartagena, Colombia for the inauguration of the foundation’s sixth school and to visit his mother’s native country for the first time. When asked what is giving her the “most joy” right now, the star said she cherishes being able to pass things onto to her son.

“I suppose it’s knowing that I can share with Milan everything I’ve learned and seen,” Shakira told Glam. “I don’t have to keep all of that information to myself. I love teaching him something new every day.’

And Milan seems to be a fast learner. Earlier this month, the “Hips Don’t Lie” star took her son to Washington D.C. and asked him (in English) to identify both Abraham Lincoln and the “obelisk” — better known as the Washington Monument.

The singer uploaded a video of the lesson with the caption, “Mommy is explaining the Declaration of Independence! I’m very interested in history!”

Source: Huffington Post