Gerard Piqué has certainly piqued fans’ curiosity about Shakira’s pregnancy and upcoming album.

In an interview with Catalan radio station RAC1, the Spanish footballer revealed the Colombian singer’s record debut will coincide with the baby’s birth in early 2013, Spanish TV channel Antena 3 reports.

“The album will be released after the baby is born because she’d need to go on tour and she can’t do that now,” FC Barcelona’s centre-back told RAC1. “And it’s very likely that there will be a song in Catalan, it could even be ‘Boig per tu’ (‘Crazy for you’).”

During a 2010 concert in Barcelona, the Barranquillera showed off her own Catalan when she addressed the crowd in her beau’s native tongue saying “I too am Catalan” in reference to her maternal ancestry. At the time the songstress confessed she was learning the language and would love to one day sing “Boig per tu” by the Catalonian rock group Sau.

And it seems Shak is taking her Catalan roots seriously. Last month, it was rumored that the couple would choose Biel, of Catalan origin, as the baby’s name. But in the interview, Piqué clarified that none of the reported names, or even his own, seem to be the right one.

“Concerning the name, we just haven’t been able to decide,” Piqué told RAC1. “There are ridiculous names, like Ulisito, that came out of the press’ need to report nonsense. There was also Biel, which we like, but I don’t think it will be that one either, or Gerard. We’ll see.”

The Colombian star hasn’t exactly been out of the public eye during her pregnancy–tweeting “thank you” videos, baby-bump pictures, and performing in Azerbaijan–but how is she doing just months away from her due date?

“Shakira is doing great, she’s six months along. She’s still doing everything and I don’t stop her from doing anything. She even dances! But let her dance, that way she doesn’t think so much,” the Spanish star joked.

The star also confirmed the baby will be born in Catalonia, and with the mother-to-be dancing away, the 25-year-old footballer said he’s been quite calm during the last months.

“I’m very excited,” Piqué told the radio station. “I’ve experienced [the pregnancy] with the same ease with which I try to live everything. Although everyone tells me that will change when he’s born because my life will be different.”

Via Huffington Post