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Colombia has put in place a number of different security measures throughout the country in preparation for the national soccer team’s knockout match against Uruguay on Saturday.

The most prominent measure being taken is the implementation of “dry laws” throughout several cities, notably in Cali, Bogota, Pasto, Sincelejo, and Moneria among other cities, reported Caracol Radio.

In Cali the ban on the sale of alcohol will run from 6AM to 9PM on Saturday, in addition to a restriction on the movement of motorcycles from 2PM to 8PM on the same Saturday.

Similar dry laws were put in place by Bogota’s Mayor Gustavo Petro for the last group game in Japan, which resulted in a massive reduction of street violence during victory celebrations.

MORESecurity measures, alcohol ban in force for Colombia vs Japan Soccer World Cup match

Bogota will again ban alcohol, with sales restricted from 6AM Saturday to 6PM Sunday, along with a raft of other rules and regulations, according to Bogota Humana.

The dry law implemented in Bogota was deemed a success in the wake of the Japan match as there was an 80% decrease in reported fights and no fatalities, according to the Colombian Ministry of the Interior.

MOREViolence down, no fatalities after Colombia’s World Cup victory: minister

In many cities throughout the country, the carrying of firearms will also be prohibited.

Colombia’s second biggest city, Medellin, will see an extra 2,000 police officers take to the streets to ensure security. Mayor Luis Fernando Suarez did; however, say that prohibition on alcohol in the city will not be put in place, according to Caracol.

The municipal administration reiterated its calls and recommendations to maintain good behavior during the celebrations and to avoid making vehicle caravans to celebrate.

One of the stranger recommendations throughout Colombia has been the order to not use substances such as flour and foam to celebrate. In previous matches, fans, cars and bikes, shop fronts, and streets have been coated in foam and flour come the final whistle.

The government has also called on fans to show good behavior and “celebrate in peace,” after raucous celebrations left 10 people dead in the wake of Colombia’s opening victory against Greece.

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