(Photo: Policia Nacional)

In a joint operation of Colombia’s armed forces and police, seven alleged members of the country’s oldest rebel group FARC were captured in the north of the country, the army said Thursday.

The suspects allegedly were involved in a FARC attack against armed forces earlier this month that left one soldier dead, according to an army press release.

Five of the group’s members will have to face charges in relation with drug trafficking and the production of explosives while the other two members allegedly carried out intelligence work for the FARC and were involved in the financing of the guerrilla group’s almost 50-year war against the state.

The suspects allegedly belonged to the 36th front of the FARC which is active in the northern part of the country, affecting the municipalities of Briceño, San Andres de Cuerquia and Yarumal where the arrests took place.

Location of the arrests


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