A new poll released on Wednesday night found that 25 percent of voters would be willing to choose again Juan Manuel Santos as Colombia’s president in the elections of May 25, 2014.

Santos and his Party of National Unity won over 25 percent of survey respondents, which is more than Uribe party candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga with 13 percent, reported Colombia’s W Radio.

This reinforces the first two major polls released in late November.

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Left party Polo Democratio only garnered 8 per cent of the likely voters, according to the poll conducted by polling firm Figures and Concepts, that consisted of 2500 likely voters between 22-27 November.

Columnist Mauricio Cabrera told Caracol Radio that it now looks likely there will be a presidential runoff candidates if the left could unite through to the second round.

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Cabrera also said the Uribe party’s support is being eroded.


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