Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said on Friday that any problem with Venezuela is harmful for his country. “All we want is Venezuela to do well,” he said from the city of Palmira, Colombia.

His remarks came after the Venezuelan government harshly criticized his meeting in Bogotá with former opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles earlier this week.


“There must be a misunderstanding,” therefore, any difference will be settled “wisely” and through diplomatic channels.

He also declared that “it is unreasonable to think that the Colombian government is aware of or even worse supporting any kind of action to destabilize the government of Venezuela.” He added that Colombia would never be willing to play a role in such actions.

He also stated that in a meeting, held in Santa Marta with late President Hugo Chávez, an agreement was reached “to respect the differences.”. He noted that his government intends to keep moving forward toward that direction.

“Let us preserve the spirit of that agreement we reached back in the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino. For the sake of Venezuela and Colombia, we can solve any misunderstanding in a civilized manner, wisely and through diplomatic channels,” he said.