Nelson Mandela (Photo: World Hindu News)

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos on Thursday expressed his regrets over the death of former South African president Nelson Mandela who died earlier in the day.

In a tweet, the Colombian head of state said to “deeply regret” the death of the man who played a key role in the abolishing of Apartheid which segregated white and black South Africa for decades.

According to Santos, Mandela will continue to be Colombia’s “guide to reach peace” as the country is negotiating an end of almost 50 years of armed conflict with the FARC.

The end of the conflict between the state and then anti-apartheid movement ANC in South Africa is one of the scenarios looked at by the government as a guide through the resolution of the conflict, and the subsequent reconciliation and application of justice.

Mandela died Thursday at 95 after having suffered a prolonged lung infection.

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