Juan Manuel Santos

“United for Peace” is the slogan that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santo’s will follow on his way to the upcoming presidential elections in May.

As peace negotiations with the FARC rebel group continue in Cuba, Santos has seized the moment and focused his efforts into winning the Colombian people with an idea of achievable peace in the country, El Espectador newspaper reported.

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The ongoing internal conflict between the government and the FARC has drawn on for more than five decades, but even if peace is reached with the largest rebel group in Colombia the void left by the FARC group may be filled with new armed or criminal groups looking to capitalize on their retreat.

Santos will now meet with U Party and members of his coalition, including the Liberal Party, German Vargas Lleras — former Housing Minister and leader of Radical Change party — and political campaign manager, Roberto Prieto to discuss changes to the party as it seeks to win reelection into government, El Colombiano newspaper reported.

The meeting will focus on electing potential regional leaders who will successfully promote the campaign, and ways to distance the image of former President Alvaro Uribe from the U Party — which supported the former President during of his presidential term.

The naming of a new vice-president is also expected as early as today, with political players within the government placing their support behind German Vargas Lleras.


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