Quad/Graphics-Bogotá will become Colombia’s largest commercial printer in terms of production capacity after it installs a new, highly productive 64-page web offset press this year.

3_Goss Sunday 4000-64Designed for high-quality, high-page-count print work, the single-web Goss Sunday 4000 will be the largest, fastest offset press in Colombia, capable of printing up to 64 pages with each rotation of its printing cylinders. The press, scheduled to start up in the second half of July, will allow the printer to greatly expand its production of magazines, catalogs and retail inserts for customers in Colombia and other Latin American nations, according to Tony Scaringi, Quad/Graphics’ President & General Manager of Latin America.

“Colombia’s economy continues to grow and this new press will enable Quad/Graphics to quickly meet the print needs of marketers, retailers and publishers who are also growing in Colombia,” Scaringi said, noting the nation’s Gross Domestic Product increased by a better-than-expected 4 percent in 2012. “No other press in Colombia can match its speed and quality.”

In addition to magazines, catalogs and retail inserts, the versatile press is well-suited for printing books and telephone directories. It will also allow the Bogotá plant to increase exports to Central American nations and the Caribbean. Installation will begin in May and be completed in the July.

“Our business objective is to become the printer of choice in Latin America, and this new, highly productive press for our Bogotá plant represents another huge step toward achieving that goal,” Scaringi said. “We will be better positioned than any other printer to deliver value in the Colombian market and throughout Latin America with our network of integrated plants operated under the direction of a single, unified management team.”

In addition to Colombia, Quad/Graphics other state-of-the-art printing plants in Latin America include Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Source: National Post