COLOMBIA NEWS — Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Duchess of Cornwall will make a state visit to Colombia later this month.

The overarching ambition behind the trip, which will see the royal couple visit other countries in the Latin world, is to strengthen the relationship between Britain and Colombia.

Holidaying Charles irritates Palace by dithering on party to welcome foreign Royals ahead of William and Kate's weddingThe visit will begin with a five-day stay in the South American country, where Prince Charles and the Duchess will be welcomed to the presidential palace in Bogota, the capital city, on October 28.

While in the country, they will attend a number of official engagements, including the Colombian Peace and Reconciliation ceremony, which honours those who have lost their lives in armed conflict over the years.

What’s more, Prince Charles, 65, is expected to speak on the issue of sustainable marine practices, as well as the ongoing troubles with the country’s drug trade.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Prince Charles could soon become Prince Regent.

Royal Household staff are said to have “dusted off” the historical ‘Regency Act’, which means he would become the acting monarch should Queen Elizabeth II, 88, become incapable of performing her duties as her 90th birthday approaches.

A source told Saga Magazine: “Yes, we have dusted off the Regency Act and taken a look at it.”