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In a televised address to citizens of Colombia, President Juan Manuel Santos announced Wednesday evening that he plans to seek a second term as head of state in 2014.

“Today I want to announce to you all that this Monday, the 25th of November, as established by the law, I will officially submit the letter in which I legalize my interest in being a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia for 2014-2018,” declared Colombia’s incumbent during a 7PM speech addressing the country.

Santos will be the second president to seek a second term in the Casa de Nariño, the presidential palace, since Colombia’s constitution was revised in 1991. Prior to 2004, sitting presidents were not allowed to run again.

The President’s much anticipated–and expected–decision to run for a second term comes less than 24 hours after the one-year anniversary of the fourth historical attempt at peace talks with the country’s oldest and largest living rebel group, the FARC.

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These dialogues, which produced a landmark deal on the guerrillas’ political participation just two weeks ago, have proven to be a lone shining light amidst Santos’ otherwise abysmal approval ratings.

Santos’ Approval rating since taking office

Colombia’s 32nd President has been facing major crises across agrarian, health and education sectors in the past months.

“We have to finish the work that we have started between all of us,” said the 62 year-old politician, defining what eventually became his rallying cry throughout the speech.

Santos emphasized “peace” throughout his address as well asserting that “Colombians want peace!” and that the children born today will be “the generation of peace.”

Looking ahead to 2014, the current confirmed candidates running are Juan Manuel Santos from the Social Party of National Unity, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga from the Uribe Centro Democratico, Clara Lopez from the Polo Democratico, and Aida Abello from the Union Patriotica.

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Colombia’s presidential elections will take place on May 25, 2014.


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