Colombia’s President Ivan Duque is demanding the Cuban government hand over the National Liberation Army (ELN) peace delegation and ordering the lifting of the suspension of capture orders for the 10 members of the Cuban dialogue delegation.

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque and Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez in Bogota, Colombia, January 17, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

The Colombian government also revoked the resolution that created conditions for the 10 ELN members to stay in Cuba, which means ceasing benefits they had in order to be part of the peace negotiations, allowing the issue of red alerts by Interpol.

The Colombian government asked Cuba to imprison the 10 ELN negotiators and to hand them over Colombian Authorities, which puts an end to the peace negotiations roundtable between the ELN and the Colombian government.

According to journalist Victor de Currea-Lugo, these actions are an “insult to the Cuban Diplomacy” and also a “treason to what the Colombian state agreed in an eventual case of the breaking of roundtables.”