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Colombian police have intercepted a shipment of 2.6 tonnes of cocaine believed to have been smuggled out of the drug-producing regions under the cover of Colombia’s Christmas season festivities.

Police discovered the shipment in the town of Funza, in Cundinamarca state, reported El Espectador late Wednesday night.

Authorities say the drugs originated in the Colombian Amazonian state of Caqueta and were able to elude police checks there due to the end of year festivities.

They also said the shipment allegedly belonged to narco-gang Los Rastrojos and was destined for the Caribbean coast to be smuggled to France, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Just last week, authorities raided and dismantled a cocaine lab in Meta state, with the capacity of producing more than 2 tons of cocaine per month.

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Policía incauta 2,6 toneladas de cocaína que iban a Europa (El Espectador)

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