For Juan Fernando Cristo, the president of Colombia’s Congress, says peace is possible by as early as December if the FARC understand that times are not what they used to be, which is if they prolonged the process they will lose public support and effectiveness.

Juan Fernando Cristo / Foto: Mauricio Moreno – EL TIEMPO

“I think that the FARC took the political decision to negotiate, know that the time is favourable, a positive environment internationally, and in the country. I’m optimistic”, said Cristo in an interview with El Tiempo.

For the Congressman this is the time for peace to be negotiated.

One of the points in the peace negotiations is the FARC holding congressional seats.  Cristo says he is not opposed to the idea as long as their members have no committed crimes against humanity.

“Peace demands sacrifice”, said Cristo.

On August 26, a victims group will be in Habana, Cuba, to present to both sides, government and FARC negotiators their report from regional victims groups.