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The cold front that hit the United States and Canada last week has affected more than 1,289 passengers traveling from Colombia to cities in the US, local media reported Friday.  

Airports in cities such as New York, Chicago, Washington and Boston closed down resulting in several canceled flights from Central America to the US.

With historic temperatures as low as -50 ° C, the weather is the lowest recorded in almost two decades in the US. The extreme weather led to the cancellation of an estimated 14,000 flights in the US.

Avianca Airlines canceled two flights from Bogota to New York and six others from Central American countries affecting 239 passengers.

Furthermore, Jet Blue cancelled four flights to Florida, affecting 600 people, after aircraft stationed in New York and Boston had been removed due to weather conditions and could not make it in time for the departure of the flight.

LAN Colombia did not report any issues, however, passengers traveling with LAN were given the choice to make changes to their itinerary if scheduled to connect in cities affected by the weather.


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