Colombia’s National Health Institute on Thursday denied the country is having a swine flu epidemic despite 165 confirmed cases and nine fatalities so far this year.

The Director of the public health organization, Fernando de la Hoz, confirmed 165 swine flu cases in Colombia this year. The director denied a possible epidemic of the virus, which caused three new deaths in the capital Bogota.

De la Hoz told the W Radio that the swine flu peak in the country was caused by the rainy season, and that there is no reason to be alarmed.

“Unfortunately, in influenza seasons, there are people who get a severe disease and that might die,” said De la Hoz. He further stated that if people compare the mortality of respiratory diseases this year to others, they will find that the mortality rate has decreased.

According to the National Health Institute the swine flu has caused nine deaths this year. Three in the capital, two in the southern Huila department and four in the northern department of Norte de Santander.

Source: Colombia Reports