The scandals in the Colombian military prisons came out to light once again, this time at the prison of the Military Police Battalion of Bogota, a place where some prisoners have privileges. Prisoners in uniform with private businesses inside the prison, others with subofficials at their service 24 hours a day, and the entrance to women in non-authorized hours of the day are some of the irregularities, denounced by Colombian magazine Semana.

carcel-militar-de-colombiaThe magazine revealed that there is a battalion in which more than 100 military condemned by serious crimes, have privileges, going from cash money, electro domestic items, to other things.

This prison, one of the most important in Colombia, gathers some of the most polemic military officials, higher officials who have more command that the current heads of the Colombian Army.

Images with some of the privileges by some prisoners were shown in the magazine.

The press reports like this one, forced the Prosecutor Office to open an investigation in this prison.

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