Colombia’s main independent electoral watchdog has reported 196 electoral irregularities during Colombia’s election on Sunday.

The Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) announced 196 reports of electoral irregularities and crimes gathered in between 6AM and 3PM during the second round of Colombia’s presidential elections. The majority of reports, which range from illegal political propaganda to allegations of vote buying, came from the central state of Tolima, and the northern states of Bolivar and and from Valle de Cauca, the MOE report read.

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Prohibited election propaganda

There were 84 reports of the presence of illegal advertising around the polling stations. The MOE highlighted the municipalities of Ibague, Bogota, Cartagena and Valledupar.

During a whole week from Monday June 9 and until Monday after the election political meetings and rallies may only take place indoors and not in public spaces. No new political propaganda — such as posters and billboards — may be erected during election day.

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Problems in polling stations

A total of 59 reports highlighted the breach of electoral procedures by jury voting and barriers to entry at polling stations. The MOE called attention to the municipalities of Cartagena, Medellin, Valledupar, Armenia and Santa Marta.

Vote buying

Citizens reported 29 acts of vote buying, with incidents reported in the municipalities of Rio Blanco (Tolima) and Valledupar, Cartagena, Monteria, Pradera (Valle del Cauca), San Benito Abad (Sucre) and Soledad (Atlantico).

Participation of public officials

There were 14 reports indicating undue political involvement by public officials from various levels of government, seeking to favor any of the campaigns through political campaigning and offering gifts. Citizen reported incidents in departments such as Meta, Valle del Cauca, Antioquia and Bolivar, as well as the capital Bogota.

Earlier Sunday, defeated candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga’s Democratic Center party released a report filing 109 complaints mostly concerning vote buying.


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