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The Colombian Navy apprehended 24 illegal immigrants on a beach in northwestern Colombia after smugglers had abandoned them, according to a Navy statement released on Sunday.

Twenty-three men and one woman were attempting to pass through Central America on their way to the United States when they were picked-up by authorities in Colombia’s northwestern state of Choco, according to the Navy.

Eighteen of the illegal immigrants were from Bangladesh, three from Africa, two from Nepal, and one was suspected to be from Afghanistan. The immigrants were between the ages of 20 and 44.

The foreigners received food, water, and medical care before being turned over to Colombian immigration authorities to start the process of deportation, according to the Navy.

Approximately two weeks ago, 15 illegal immigrants were found abandoned in the same area.

This year alone, the Colombian Navy has intercepted 52 illegal immigrants en route to North America.

The Navy’s constant effort against illegal immigration

Last September, also in Choco, Colombia’s Army and Navy apprehended 23 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Accompanying the Bangladeshi illegal immigrants were Colombian citizens who fled the scene when the troops arrived.

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In 2012, 54 illegal immigrants were arrested on the Colombian coast.  Homelands of the migrants included Cuba, India, Pakistan, Ecuador, and Bangladesh.

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In 2009, the Colombian coast guard uncovered a small fishing boat which was illegally transporting 35 Africans and 15 Indians to the US off the Caribbean coast.


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